My thigh muscle really hurts!!!?

Answer you have probably pulled a muscle then ripped it. put ice on it for 5-10 mins then put something on it for the same amount of time then put ice o it again then something hot and keep on doing this ... Read More »

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My inner thigh/hip area hurts?

If you are not yet convince that you are totally okey already, better you consult this with a doctor and for the doctor to give you a professional medical advise and to prevent it from getting wo... Read More »

Pulled a muscle in thigh?

Ice pack or frozen peas. It will just take time to heal about 2-3 weeks id say

Strained my thigh muscle, what should I do?

Keep off of it for awhile, if it doesn't get better in about a week, go to the doctors. I hope this helps, good luck!

Did I pull my thigh muscle?