My teeth fell out?

Answer leave 'em out. bj's are better that way.

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My spacers for my teeth fell out.?

If they fell out after 3+ days, then your teeth probably made enough space for the spacers to fall out. You should be ok by Monday, even if the space partially closed. They only need a little room ... Read More »

If some braces fell off from my teeth, will it mess up the process?

My daughter just got her braces off, but she had monthly appointments for them to get checked. Her ortho was very understanding when one came off. It didn't cost anything additional for him to repl... Read More »

What should you do if your son had spacers put on his teeth on Thursday and one fell out that night and the ortho is out of the office until Tuesday?

My 16 month old daughter fell and her 2 front baby teeth shoved higher in her gums! Will they come back down?

Maybe, maybe not. You don't need to rush her to the dentist unless they are hurting her. The nerve in these teeth could begin to die b/c of the trauma to them. If this happens, these teeth will beg... Read More »