My teacher said that wikipedia is not a legitamite source of information?

Answer Your question goes a lot deeper than just Wikipedia! In fact, your question is, at heart, one of the key questions of a whole branch of philosophy: epistemology, the "study of knowledge". How are p... Read More »

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Why is Wikipedia taken seriously as a source of information?

It is all about sources:… - "Even if you're sure something is true, it must be verifiable before you can add it".What really matters is how you pick up th... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a source for real information?

Although it can be edited, they can revert the changes you make to it if it is not true. They take information off of reliable sources, which can be viewed at the bottom and they cite their sources... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a bad source to gather information?

The information on wikipedia is only as reliable as the person posting it. Granted I have used it to familiarize myself with topics or people but you can never cite it as a source because most accr... Read More »

Does any think Wikipedia is a valid source of information?

Those who think Wikipedia is a valid source of information are mostly those people who haven't examined its coverage of topics they actually know something about. For example, if a Civil War histor... Read More »