My tattoo feels slightly tender - tattooed over a month ago though?

Answer The area sometimes takes a while to heal but if you have spreading redness over a wide area, any discharge or intense pain, or even if you just feel instinctively that there is a problem, go get it... Read More »

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Could it be possible to be pregnant even though had a tubal done over 12 years and haven't had a period in a month?

Answer What makes me think that I am pregnant is that my breasts are extremely tender and before I had missed my first period I was feeling nauseusous for about two weeks (I thought I had a cold).

Why do my eyes burn even though my contacts expire at the end of the month and it's not the end of the month?

Try changing your lens solution. Renu burns my eyes but alcon optifree doesn't burn at all. If that doesn't help I would consult your eye doctor as you may have a defective contact. It doesn't happ... Read More »

My hip popped while running in a track meet a week ago, and it still feels tender. Does anyone know what to do?

It could be a hip flexor issue. You should always see a doctor when able.

I got a picture of a hat tattooed on my arm, I dont like it can I get it painted over with skin colour ink?

Why on earth didn't you get it tattooed on your @zz?Then you would have been a real asshat!