My taskbar is at the back?

Answer right click the taskbar, properties then check lock taskbar uncheck auto hide should hopefully work

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How to Get the Taskbar Back?

Lost the taskbar on your computer? No need to restart! Just follow these simple steps to get it back!

How do I get the taskbar back on Windows XP?

Look into what the problem with your missing taskbar is. If there is a small, thin bar where the taskbar used to be, your task bar has simply become resized. Move your mouse over the bar until you ... Read More »

My taskbar has gone how do i get it back?

Also, try to move your mouse cursor down to the very bottom of your screen, and see if the mouse cursor turns into a double-arrow pointer. If it does, this means you dragged the taskbar off the scr... Read More »

My taskbar is now vertical,how do i get it back to horizontal?

Click on part of the bar that hasn't got anything on it and drag it back to the top. I think.