My taskbar doesn't show up!!?

Answer Try pressing F11 once chrome is open(if it doesn't work, press it again to return to how it was, it's a toggle).

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How to Show the Connection Speed on a Taskbar?

Your task bar's connection icon tells you whether you are connected to the Internet. The icon provided other information in older Windows versions, including your connection speed, but Windows 7 re... Read More »

Taskbar and icons wont show during start-upp?

Go to the site listed as my source below, and do a FIND (ctrl + F) for 'Restore Taskbar' (without the quotes). Save that file and run it.Please note: This reg file will make changes to your regis... Read More »

Why doesn't Lizzie mcguire's show doesnt air anymore?

Hilary duff found out after doing her movie how much she likes singing and made a CD. now she is to busy, she is now older.

How do I make it so the "message" button doesnt show up on my facebook profile?

go into your settings and the only way to change it is to only allow friends or people who know you to message you