My taskbar doesn't show up!!?

Answer Try pressing F11 once chrome is open(if it doesn't work, press it again to return to how it was, it's a toggle).

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How to Show the Connection Speed on a Taskbar?

Your task bar's connection icon tells you whether you are connected to the Internet. The icon provided other information in older Windows versions, including your connection speed, but Windows 7 re... Read More »

Taskbar and icons wont show during start-upp?

Go to the site listed as my source below, and do a FIND (ctrl + F) for 'Restore Taskbar' (without the quotes). Save that file and run it.Please note: This reg file will make changes to your regis... Read More »

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Hilary duff found out after doing her movie how much she likes singing and made a CD. now she is to busy, she is now older.