My task bar has dissapeared..?

Answer You cannot actually remove the Windows 7 Start bar completely - you can set it to auto-hide though. If you move the mouse pointer to the very bottom of the screen (if that is where you left it) the... Read More »

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Files from USB folder have dissapeared!?

Your PC has been attacked by Trojan and its source was your USB.Now what you can do is:Disinfect your PC & your USB by using good anti virus (I Prefer Kasparsky Internet security)After disinfection... Read More »

Pictures from my SD card have dissapeared?

When you copy images from your memory card, the images stay on the card. If you move the image files, they are no longer on your memory card, yet you will still need to format the card if you do n... Read More »

What would you do if facebook dissapeared forever tonight?

o.o freak out....knowing i would loose contact with my freinds who moved away....and probably ....scream? or try over and over again for an hour to logg on to the non-exsistant website. lol

My favorites icon has dissapeared- how do I restore it to toolbar?