My talus bone is hurting anoying me !!!!!!!?

Answer The talus bone is one of the important bones in your foot, you should let a doctor examine your foot as it has been going on for so long..................

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My talus bone on my left foot hurts please help !!!!?

Get an x-ray done, or consult a doctor. Due to the Talus' odd placement, it is one of the slower bones to heal. Judging that you've been able to walk and play soccer for 3 months, I'd say it's not ... Read More »

How to Stop a Previously Broken Bone from Hurting?

Ever injured yourself and not fully healed? Been told by the Physio Therapist that it is fixed, but is isn't? From wrist to ankle, this wikiHow can help.

Are pelvic bone cramps lower back pain and hurting hips signs of prgnancy?

Answer First if you missed your period you should take a pregnancy test. But it is better to go to the doctor esp. if you have had unprotected sex and now you are having pains.

How do you stop an anoying brother?

You're in the wrong forum, but since you asked:He's your younger (probably) brother and he looks up to you. That's why he's "bugging" you. Treasure him. Play with him and treat him like a real p... Read More »