My sunburn is peeling :(?

Answer aloe helps A LOT, so id suggest you go out & buy some. but put moisturizer on it often. the peeling isnt that bad.. when i had really bad sunburn it was peeling & i had spots on my face where it ha... Read More »

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My sunburn started peeling...?

Noxema is amazing for sunburns - it refreshes and calms the burn/sting.

How to get a sunburn to stop peeling?

It wont stop peeling until the dead skin is gone. Keep applying an aloe based lotion 3 to 4 times a day. The injured epidermis will slough off pretty quickly.

How can I stop my sunburn from peeling but keep my tan?

mayonnaise!!! the vinegar stops the burn from getting worse, and the oil in it helps prevent drying and peeling.

Peeling skin after sunburn?