My sunburn is peeling :(?

Answer aloe helps A LOT, so id suggest you go out & buy some. but put moisturizer on it often. the peeling isnt that bad.. when i had really bad sunburn it was peeling & i had spots on my face where it ha... Read More »

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My sunburn started peeling...?

Noxema is amazing for sunburns - it refreshes and calms the burn/sting.

How to get a sunburn to stop peeling?

It wont stop peeling until the dead skin is gone. Keep applying an aloe based lotion 3 to 4 times a day. The injured epidermis will slough off pretty quickly.

Peeling skin after sunburn?

Sunburn, peeling, itching, raw skin - how to soothe?

go to the doctor and get silvadle, its a burn cream. motrin for the pain, or advilcold wash clothes