My stuff on my laptop flipped over lengthwise?

Answer Press Control + Alt + Up Arrow to return it to normal.This is a 'feature' on some graphics cards:Control + ALT + Up Arrow - Show screen the correct way upControl + ALT + Down Arrow - Flip screen 18... Read More »

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Over the last couple of days there is afilm of yellowish powdery stuff all over my windshield. Is it radiation?

Yellowish powdery stuff? Radiation? Besides not being able to see radiation, I have a feeling your thinking of Uranium, which is commonly referred to as "yellow cake" which IS in fact a yellow powd... Read More »

How to Cut a Whiskey Barrel Lengthwise?

Most real whiskey barrels are made from American white oak wood. Aside from the obvious use of aging whiskey to perfection, the barrels have a plethora of uses only limited by your imagination. The... Read More »

Can I buy a new Laptop and put my oId stuff on there?

Yes you can, it has nothing to do with brand.Means of transfer:1.Special cable2.DVD or usb or external drive3 Network4 CloudDon't bother with any settings as you will tailor your new computer diff... Read More »

Why am I SO emotional and cry over stupid stuff?

This is normal for girls. Hormones are moving through the body and cause us to act a certain way, things are changing. Being emotional and feeling different in many ways is how it works. Sorry your... Read More »