My stomach hurts...i think i overate..?

Answer its probably because you didnt eat anything all day. try drinking some ginger ale, lay down with two pillows against your back and put your knees up. and relax. the tummy ache will go away lol

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Did I overate today and was it healthy ?

Depending on your calorie budget I don't think you over ate. The ice cream was not healthy and I'm not sure about the macaroons. That's a lot of fruit for breakfast, and even though it's healthy it... Read More »

Can a bloated stomach with stomach pains and needing to go to the bathroom less a few weeks after sex be signs of pregnancy?

Answer It can be a sign of pregnancy or you may have a UTI. Most women go to the bathroom a lot more during pregnancy but I suppose its possible. Do a test in two weeks.

Are stomach pains that feel like a sore stomach a sign of early pregnancy?

AnswerNot really. Early pregnancy signs start around 2 weeks after conception. After you have missed your period (late period) you can buy a Home pregnancy test and see whether you are pregnant. Th... Read More »

I have been experience pain in stomach but all i can see is a brown mark going across half of my stomach?

I think your stress and anxiety may be turning you into a hypochondriac. Nerves can do strange things to your thoughts and body functions.....why not do a work out? Go for a brisk walk or a jog aro... Read More »