My stomach hurts after running!?

Answer You issue seems to me to be a sign of drinking your water to fast. You can try taking a sip a minute at a time. I know its hard not to drink it fast.m down. Remember the lighter your pee the more h... Read More »

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My knee hurts after running!?

Runners knee or something. If you want it to improve it's likely you will have to give up running for a period of time, try to get physical therapy or some other form of healing stuff done.Then tr... Read More »

MY stomach hurts after drinking beer?

It is because beer is known to make people feel bloated faster than hard liquor because it contains foam hence this is where the term "beer belly" came from.

Why does my stomach hurts after i drink a cup of coffee?

Any stomach problems should be see by a doctor.It could just be that you are sensitive to the acids or oils in coffee. I can't drink cheap coffees or I get sick. Starbuck's coffee sits real well ... Read More »

My knee hurts a lot after running Is this normal?

Yes, definitely normal if you're just starting to run again. What's important is to start slow, stretch well before running, then do a warm up before running and a cooldown after running. Your legs... Read More »