My step son hasn't seen my son in years how do I get custody?

Answer This is called an open adoption. It allows the biological parents to select the adoptive parents and to be involved in their child's life after the adoption.The level of openness is agreed on befor... Read More »

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Who get custody if the mother dies and the father hasn't seen the child in years but paternity was established?

Usually in such a case, the State becomes the child's guardian. The courts may award custody to the father after examining his fitness as a parent.

What happens when the biological father is not on the birth certificate and has not seen the child in 3 years but now wants joint custody?

Answer The father will need to furnish proof of paternity, most courts require that be done by DNA testing rather than blood typing. If the biological mother does not want to voluntarily submit to ... Read More »

Can the step parent take custody a step child in a divorce?