My start button stuck on right side of screen?

Answer first, right click on it and make sure that 'lock the tackbar' is not checked. Then left click and hold, drag it down to the bottom of the screen.lastly, right click and select 'lock the taskbar' ... Read More »

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My kids moved my toolbar with the start button on it to the right hand side some how. how do I put it back?

LEFT CLICK on the task bar where it is and hold the mouse button down. Now move your mouse (while still holding the left button down) to the bottom of the screen. It should move the task bar to the... Read More »

Why is my taskbar on the right side of my screen horizonally?

Grab it and drag it to whatever side of the screen you want it on. Click and drag...

My computer is stuck on a blue screen when i start it up and nothing happens what can I do?

If it does not beep upon booting or doesn't even come up with anything but a blue screen with no text it is likely a hardware problem, see if your computer is still under warranty to see if you can... Read More »

Why isn't the right hand side of my iphone 4 screen working?

Did you drop it? Any water damage? There could be a number of reasons it isnt working. Try taking it to a local iphone repair store.