My speakers are plugged in but it says theres no audio device?

Answer Go to the manufacturers website - for your computer and for your speakers, do each one. Look for audio driver updates and software fix tools. Your computer might be on mute not your speakers so che... Read More »

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Audio device on high definition audio bus?

try removing this from device manager and restart, then check device manager again to see if it has reinstalled itself properly

Where do speakers get plugged in the computer?

Speakers used with a computer all connect to the sound card through a panel located in the rear of the computer or through the audio connector module plugged into your USB port. The speaker plugs a... Read More »

How to fix orion tv speakers if you plugged in headphone?

you should replace headphones jack with a new fact when you plug in your headphones.....the internal mechanism disconnects speakers and when you pull out connects speakers again... Read More »

Can a turntable be plugged into the audio input on an amp?

You can connect a turntable to a standard audio input on your home stereo receiver only if the turntable has a built-in preamplifier. Some turntables do not have their own preamplifiers, relying on... Read More »