My speakers are not working how to correct it?

Answer try to another computer or device your speaker if it is work to other device or computer do the following below:try to reinstall the driver of multimedia audio controller... you said that the conne... Read More »

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Why are Phillips CD player speakers not working but earphone jack is working?

How to choose the correct speakers to match an A/V reciver?

Ok - the idea of matching speakers with amp is a 1970's concept and a bit of an audio myth.In truth - almost all name-brand speakers will work great with all the mid-range, name brand receivers.Now... Read More »

My speakers are not working..pls help?

u have go to the service centre and check your speker .

What is the correct working height for a log splitter?

In reference to log splitters, the working height is the distance from the ground to the splitting surface. The working height for vertical splitters is approximately 1 inch, which makes it easier ... Read More »