My sons xbox360 is doing that red flashing thing (ring of death) how do i fix it?

Answer I suggest you contact Microsoft Xbox support. Cause opening up and tampering with the 360 means you void your warranty and then you wouldn't get help from them without a cost. They recently extende... Read More »

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How to Make Your Xbox 360 Console Purposely Get the Red Ring of Death/3 Flashing Lights?

Whatever the reason may be, whether you hate Microsoft and want to stick it to them, whether your console has some annoying problem that you want fixed for free, or maybe you really don't have $300... Read More »

Circumstances about chuck woolery sons death?

It's either Richard Karn or John O'hurley. The first one was Richard Dawson, the "Kissing bandit".

How to Fix an Xbox 360 With Three Red Lights Flashing on the Ring?

The Xbox 360 is designed to shut down when the computer chips overheat and informs the owner by lighting up three LED rings on front of the game console. Fixing the "3 Red Rings of Death" as they a... Read More »

Is jail breaking and flashing a phone mean the same thing?

No. Jailbreaking is hacking the OS.Flashing is effectively unlocking for CDMA devices. 2 different things.