My son spilled his lemonade on my keyboard, how can I take the "sticky" out?

Answer You can pop off each key individually and give it a scrubbing. More likely the lemonade seeped down and got below the keys as well, so they would also need a cleaning. Or you can bit the bullet a... Read More »

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How can u clean your keyboard when something sticky was spilled on it?

use light soap and water. BUT DON"T USE TOO MUCH WATER. oh and scrub really hard!

Spilled tea on keyboard?

Hi,I guess may be the keyboard interface is damaged by the hot tea or liquid. If a liquid spills on any electric device i.e. internal components then, it creates a short circuit.It is better if you... Read More »

I just spilled tea on my keyboard...?

i recently got the Wave keyboard from Logitech and I absolutely love it.Here's a link to its webpage @ logitech:…$45 well spent for meAll other Logitech k... Read More »

I spilled coke on my keyboard ,how do I fix it?

Try to carefully dismantle the laptop. Pay attention to how to remove the keyboard. If it's a Dell, you can go to their web site and get instructions on how to do this. Once the keyboard is removed... Read More »