My son says its better to keep the computer on 24/7 is this true?

Answer Yes and no. Speaking generally, the moving parts and power supply in your computer (fans and hard drive motors) suffer from being run constantly. The electronic components suffer from voltage spi... Read More »

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I was told its better to leave your computer running than to keep turning it on and off is this true?

a computer that is running and not ON/OFF etc. is one of the new age battle of "Did the chicken come first or the egg" there's people who swear by both sides. From a equipment standpoint if you kee... Read More »

I want to buy this phone, but everyone says that phones from china are bad and defective. is this true?

seriously?where do u think 95% of phones come from?

My mom says that she can read all of my text messages online. Is this true?

yes they can read what you are texting they can also read the text messages that you get. they can also find out what numbers you call and who calls you how long you talk...all kinds of stuff. th... Read More »

Is this true My boyfriend says that a girl can have an orgasm in her throat?

tell him that his tongue can have an orgasm if he flips it against your bean just right