My son overdosed on vitamin pills?

Answer You can't overdose on Vitamin C. Was there anything else he took? He honestly should be fine.

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Will he be ok he took two ecstasy pills. He does drugs and smokes. Could he have overdosed on the two pills?

He's probably hungover from them. He'll be sore and fatigued, especially if he was dancing all night. He's most likely fine.

If you overdosed on pain pills and then vomit will you still die?

Get to the hospital or call ambulance; should of done that instead of posting the questionThe Ex tried that; After the stomach pump; and having charcoal pumped into her; while being strapped into a... Read More »

Help. EMERGENCY! Overdosed on Clonopin. I had about 30 2mg pills and I'm scared. DON'T WANT TO DIE!?

If you're seriously afraid for your life, you go to the hospital.I think you can afford an ER bill better than you can afford to die.Get someone to take you or call for help.

Is it ok to take 500 mg of vitamin C pills per day?

Because you're 15 years old , 500 mg of vitamin c good for youand you can take 300-500 mg Calciumand you can take 100 mg vitamin b