My son now weighs 159 Pounds is he fat?

Answer It all depends on how much fat he has on him, if u could get pictures of him and look at them, you could see how skinny or fat he is... As for what I see and read now, he's a growing boy! the fat s... Read More »

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You are 30 weeks pregnant and the doctor said your baby weighs 4 pounds Is he wrong because you have read most weigh 3 pounds?

Answer So, why do you go to the doctor if you aren't going to listen to him? Let's be honest here, the actual weight of the baby at 30 weeks depends on a lot of variables. Your doctor probably i... Read More »

My daughter weighs 65 pounds ( about 4 stones 10 pounds) and she is 6. Should I be worried?

She is at a fine weight. Remember that she needs regular exercise and healthy meals in healthy portions. That is your job.

Is a 15-year-old fat who is 5'5'' and weighs 189 pounds?

BMI If you mean fat as in overweight then probably yes. I'm 6'1 and 195 lbs, and my ideal weight is 175 lbs, so therefore im over by jsut 20 lbs, which isn't too bad for most people. Search for a... Read More »

Child who is under the age of 6 or weighs less than 60 pounds in a car seat?

yes if you can turn off the airbag and they have to way 80 pounds and be at least 4ft9