My son keeps asking if he can download limewire is it illegal?

Answer It is bad. This is because:Limewire contains something called Ad ware. This means that Limewire holds all of your details like your name, address, telephone number and even bank details. Once you r... Read More »

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Is it illegal to download from LimeWire?

Officially downloading files from LimeWire is not illegal if you are downloading or trading content that is legal to share. On the other hand, sharing copyrighted data without consent of the copyri... Read More »

Is using Limewire to download music illegal?

It is illegal to use Limewire to download free music that is under copyright which has not been rights-cleared by the copyright holder. If the copyright holder has given permission for free sharing... Read More »

Is limewire really illegal it seems so easy to use and download.?

the actual program is not illegal at all. It's simply a way for people to share files, just like AIM has a file share function.The thing that is illegal is sharing copyrighted files like Music, so... Read More »

Is it illegal to use Limewire to download music to put on your mp3 player or ipod?

Answer Yes downloading copyrighted music is generally considered illegial because it is being 'distributed' Answer In Canada it's not illegal. Answer Using softwares like Limewire to download so... Read More »