My son has adhd does anyone think medication works?

Answer WOW! I expected to see you get a lot of responses, and you will find almost everyone has an opinion. My heart goes out to you. I have ADHD experience as a sister, foster mother, tutor, friend, a... Read More »

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What is the safest ADHD medication?

On One Hand: Many Prescriptions for ADHD ExistWebMD lists several ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) prescriptions. Those with individually unique ingredients are Ritalin, Adderall, Vy... Read More »

What is the strongest ADHD medication?

On One Hand: Stimulant Medications Treat ADHD SymptomsPhysicians commonly prescribe stimulant medications to treat the symptoms of ADHD in children and adults. Stimulant medications improve concen... Read More »

How to Treat an ADHD Child With Medication?

ADHD is a medical condition, caused by a chemical/electrical imbalance in the brain. Just like any medical condition, medical treatment is required to really gain success in treatment of this condi... Read More »

How to Gain Weight While on ADHD Medication?

If you take an ADD/ADHD medication that makes you lose your appetite, then this should help you.