My son had a stroke?

Answer Sorry to hear that.Strokes aren't any fun. Had one and wouldn't recommend them as a sourse of entertainment.DE

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About my moms stroke , she is dying.. i just want to know what to expect from the stroke .. shes on morphine?

I echo what Susan said. The nurses at the hospice where my mother died told us to tell her that it was okay to let go, that being told that makes it easier for the dying person. They also told us t... Read More »

How to tell if the dirt bike is 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

Look for a letter "F" in the ad description. For instance, Honda CRF250r would be a four stroke, whereas the CR250r is a two stroke. Yamaha does it a bit differently. The YZ250F is the four stroke,... Read More »

What does your feet have to do with your heart i had a stroke in o9 and they tell me it from my stroke could?

The feet have nothing to do with the heart. A stroke affects the brain.Assuming the pain is from the stroke, it's called "neuropathic" pain.Some of the common meds for "nerve pain" are gabapentin, ... Read More »

2 stroke or 4 stroke?

2 strokes are most certainly the most fun. Easy to work on, cheap(er) to rebuild. More bang for your buck, I would say. As far as learning on one, I would agree with Luke and find a KDX 200. Great ... Read More »