My son drank bong water could anything really bad happen to him?

Answer LOL i cracked up laughing when i saw this!!!

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Could the same thing happen to me If it does will there be anything I could do to stop it happening?

everyone is different. although a condition could be carried in the genes i guess. im not a expert but stay strong, i delt ir be likely :)

What would happen if I only drank water?

YES! something would happen. You'd become a lot more healthy. A lot of the things people drink (coffee, soda, processed juices, etc) create acid within your body. Your body has its own PH scale, an... Read More »

What would happen if i fasted and just drank water and green tea?

I drank baked soda with water and vinegar, what will happen to me?

Baking soda (an alkali) mixed with vinegar (an acid) will create a reaction that results in carbon dioxide gas, salt, and water. As long as you have the ability to burp up the gas, you'll be just f... Read More »