My son bite a hole in his tongue!!!?

Answer I suspect that this will heal on its own. Oral wounds heal very quickly. It needs to be monitored for infection though. If it becomes red, swollen, or discolored at all, these are reasons for a tri... Read More »

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What do you do if you bite your tongue?

Sucking on an ice cube can help numb the pain for a while, but my guess is that if you drink some plain hot water it will help too... but toothpaste on bitten area, gargle warm slat water, dont eat... Read More »

How to stop tongue bite from bleeding?

Direct pressure with a towel works splendidly. If you can grasp the tongue with the towel, all the better. Failing that, just press. Tongues tend to clot and to heal quickly. Another alternative is... Read More »

What happens when you bite your tongue?

Is it true that if you bite your tongue, you'll die?

I also have seen this many times in many different anime's, so it cant be something someone just made up. I had a look into it and found out that there is an artery in the tongue called the Lingual... Read More »