My smoke detector won't stop beeping!!!!!!?

Answer Several possibilities....Some detectors, even the home owner versions, have an extra wire that will chain all of them together and if one goes off, all goes off. If this is the case, you may have ... Read More »

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Stupid smoke detector question: HOW in the *$&%^&# do I get this freaking thing to STOP beeping!?

You put the wrong batteries in it. You used the vibrator ones again.

Why does the smoke detector keep beeping at me.. I already took the battery out?

Your smoke detectors are wired together, and on one circuit. Your best bet is to run out to the store and by replacement batteries for all your smoke detectors, because they will all go through th... Read More »

My smoke detector keeps beeping once every 30 secs or so WHY?

Your battery is low, replace it and it will stop! Been there done that!! LOL

Why is my mains wired smoke alarm making a beeping noise once in a while and how can i stop it?