My smoke alarm keeps beeping?

Answer You need to replace the 9V PP3 battery located inside the unitJames the BAD advice you gave could KILL!!

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Why does my Kidde smoke alarm keep beeping?

It WILL be a low battery, all mains detectors have standby batteries, either rechargeable or replaceable, usually PP3. Yours must be running down and needs to be replaced.

Why is my mains wired smoke alarm making a beeping noise once in a while and how can i stop it?

Why is my fire alarm beeping in 1 min. intervals?

The most obvious would be the batteries are low. .Time to replace them. IF that doesn't stop the beeping you may need a new Fire Alarm.Is your Fire Alarm the kind that is battery only or is it Ha... Read More »

My Fire Alarm Is Beeping Every Ten Seconds?

Fire alarms, also called smoke or fire detectors, are intended to warn building occupants of fire. Ionization alarms detect flames, whereas photoelectric alarms detect smoke. Many alarms are known ... Read More »