My sleep cycle is really horrible... it's super long but please read!?

Answer I think I have some advice about this problem of yours that might help you sleep well. Here's the advice: a) Eating well is always a good start ;3 b) Try going to bed a little early like at 9:00 ... Read More »

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My toe is really hurt (READ MORE!!!!!!!) PLEASE HELP?

You know one of the worst things that humans do is wear shoes. In your case it is even more of a problem because of the kinds of things you do when you are wearing them.What you need to ensure is ... Read More »

I REALLY need some help..please read for details?

Just wanted to let you know that I read your essay and voted for it. It was a well written essay that nicely stated your feelings on going to college. Good luck with your results and hopefully yo... Read More »

What movie is this Please read all I really need to know?

I think this is "Atrocious"…"Cristian and his sister, July, travel from Madrid to El Garraf with their parents and their little brother to spend the Holy W... Read More »

How to Read a Really Long Book?

When you're stuck reading a very long book and you're worried about how to plow through the entire tome, it can seem endless. This article will help you work through a long book with ease.