My sleep cycle is really horrible... it's super long but please read!?

Answer I think I have some advice about this problem of yours that might help you sleep well. Here's the advice: a) Eating well is always a good start ;3 b) Try going to bed a little early like at 9:00 ... Read More »

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Is being put to sleep as horrible as it seems?

%DETAILS%AnswerIt's really not bad. When you wake up, you're pretty groggy for a while, but you don't remember anything. It's a pretty easy thing to go through. And if it's for wisdom teeth removal... Read More »

How do you fix your sleep cycle quickly?

I'm facing the same thing in 2 weeks time when I go back to college. I always tell myself "Right two nights before I go back to school/college, I will not sleep, I'll stay up all night and keep bus... Read More »

How can i get out of this stupid sleep cycle?

the best way to get back on track skip a section of sleep, and then go to sleep at the preferred time. So....go to sleep at 4...and then set an alarm for like 6 or 7 o'clock, and force yourself to ... Read More »

How to Read a Rock Cycle?

Reading the rock cycle helps you understand the active processes the Earth goes through over time. In nature nothing is created or destroyed; the rocks and soil beneath your feet are eventually re... Read More »