My sister stepped on a small piece of glass.What should I do to treat her?

Answer I am so sorry to hear that. I am not a doctor but i think i can help you. First clean the wound area with clean water. Don't wrap the wound with bandage because the glass splinters might sill be in... Read More »

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Small piece of sons finger fell off, should I take him to a doctor?

By the cavalier attitude that you're taking in revealing this blatant case of child neglect, you very clearly have misplaced priorities. A quarter inch of a toddler's finger will probably result in... Read More »

I just chipped a small piece of emamel off my front tooth, should I go to the dentist for that Concerns?

Depends on 'how small' is this piece... If its really small, we wont replace it. But we can smooth it, if you have a sharp place. If it doesnt bother you, just leave it. If it bothers you or become... Read More »

I stepped on a small splinter of broken glass?

Find yourself a bucket and fill it half full with hot salt water. Soak your foot in there for about 20 minutes, or until the water is cool. Remove your foot, dry it off, put some triple antibioti... Read More »

My cat stepped on my keyboard, now all the text and everything is so small I can barely read it. Help?

hit ctrl and the + at the same time and ctrl - to make it smaller