My sister is a teen who pee on herself . what is the best water proof matress pad?

Answer I would never laugh at your sister's condition. I've been through this before with a close relation. What we did was bought a couple of those crib water-proof pads. It's made to protect the crib... Read More »

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Should I the older sister have to do all the house work when my younger sister who is nearly a teen do nothing?

No! ^_^Everyone in the household has to contribute for the household to be a working, safe, and enjoyable environment. Tell her to at least help fold clothes, or clean up around the house.

What do I do to water proof?

The first thing we need to do is create a path for the water that keeps it far away from your foundation. Regardless of the waterproofing technique, standing water will find a way inside. If there ... Read More »

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