My sister has left her cheesecake in my fridge, should i eat it?

Answer Yes and tell her how delicious it was as well.

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I have left over pizza in the fridge should i heat it up and have some for lunch?

How long can bacon be left out of fridge?

If it is thawing, then as long as it takes to thaw completely. If it is already unfrozen, then perhaps a couple of hours, once, before being used either immediately or as soon as you next take it o... Read More »

Should I the older sister have to do all the house work when my younger sister who is nearly a teen do nothing?

No! ^_^Everyone in the household has to contribute for the household to be a working, safe, and enjoyable environment. Tell her to at least help fold clothes, or clean up around the house.

How long can a joint of beef be left out of the fridge?

Those sealed packages keep it safe, roast it off and have no doubts, a few days or a fortnight would be a different story.