My sister has a Ear swab stuck in ear!!! Shes Bleeding!?

Answer She probably ruptured her ear drum. Don't worry, this happens A LOT in the ER. She'll most likely recover. They'll just take the swap out then they'll let the drum heal and she'll be good to go. St... Read More »

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My little sister wants to start a business but shes only 13 any ideas?

Cant make money outa nothing. If you find a way tell me too.Best she can do is get a paper route and wait till shes old enough to get a part time job.or shovel snow or something

Can you adopt your 12 year old friend as a sister because her family is treating her bad and shes afraid of them and you can take care of her?

What if sister hates me always putting me down and has never said one nice about me shes been doing this for years can't take it anymore you have no self confidence anymore parents don't help?

It sounds like your sister is jealous of you, which is normal for siblings (brothers or sisters). Maybe try being nicer to her, do thing the complete opposite from the way you used to do them betwe... Read More »

Ring stuck on my sister's finger, swelling above it preventing it from being removed?

I really hope that everything works out. Here's my suggestion:Calm your sister down somehow. If this means slapping her and telling her that she's making it worse, do it. Then, continue with your m... Read More »