My sims 3 ambitions baby to child?

Answer If you go to the 3 dots at the bottom left then go to general options it will tell you how long the baby span is, and also it will be a toddler

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Can you have an adopted child and a birth child on Sims 3 Ambitions?

yes!! you can either adopt a baby through the phone or PC or 'try for baby' with a befriended person :) hope it helped

How do you get a cot in sims three ambitions?

you go into wear you buy beds and furniture and scroll down till you find cot it's 200coins on there :)

NS "Sims: Ambitions" Cheats?

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Are their any cheats for sims 3 ambitions on iPhone?

There ARE cheats - but Blad is still right about the other stuff.I'll link to where I got cheats in my source, a list of like 20 or so - but I'm sure there are plenty of places online that have the... Read More »