My signal light sometimes doesn't register?

Answer that happens sometimes after reinstalling new windows.Use it when a helicopter is following you - turn signal left, then turn right.

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My computer charger doesnt work sometimes?

It may be 2 things. The pin head on the actual laptop. Or the fact that the piece on the cgarger which the pin goes into has been stretched (MOST LIKELY).Hope this helps!ThanksNickPlease join me on... Read More »

Why sometimes there is signal loss on UAVs?

All sorts of things can do this. Usually, though, it's either a LOS problem or just RF interference.

Cant access celluar network on iPhone 3G On the signal bar it doesnt say tmobile just a T with a dash and three dots next to it?

What quality of waves causes that sometimes it is hard to get signal from a mobile tower close by if you are behind a mountain or a valley?

It is the HTC Dream. The HTC Dream was released on 22 October 2008.