My shoulder often dislocates, what's an easy way to pop it back in place?

Answer put your hand on top of your head and have someone put a hand on your shoulder and pull there arm back to push your arm back and it should pop back in.sorry. its a bit hard to explain

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Whats it like to dislocate your shoulder?

Like the other answer stated, it is very, very painful. It's also scary, too. First, they'll hear a pop and immediate pain will set in. I've heard people describe it as searing, burning, and twingi... Read More »

My shoulder is messed up i dont know whats wrong with it?

Hi,Sorry about your shoulder. I currently have a shoulder injury too. When you say it pops out of place and then back in, it sounds like you could have shoulder instability. When you fell, you coul... Read More »

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Are shoulder pads back in style?

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