My seven year old wouldn't wake up! Were his meds too strong?

Answer The meds could very well have caused his troubles. If it were my son, I'd run (not walk) to the nearest naturopath. If you don't know one, you can find one at They list th... Read More »

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Why my seven year son always tries to tease my five year old daughter and i can not find out the reason?

Try setting aside some "special" time alone with your son. You could go with a certain day of the week for just him. Once every say Friday from 5 to 6 is our special time. Set the same time every w... Read More »

Who would I contact about adopting a strong 25 year old male or a 40 year old Russian woman to do yard work?

You look for woman strong like bear, yes? I send my babushka to making heavy lifting ok. Price is two fish, sack of potato, a used hamster and she yours for keeping.

2 1/2 year old has ADD/ADHD any herbal meds that work?

I Am not so sure that sounds like add sounds like emotional disturbance. I have 3 suggestions1 It sounds like the anger is the worst. check out the book called 7 weeks to emotional healing which gi... Read More »

If you were to fall asleep tonight and never wake up...?

...That I buried that gold worth $50 million in Joe's garden.