My screen is stretched on Facebook, and other things on the internet?

Answer He may of zoomed in accidentally. Try hitting Ctrl+0. That's zero, not the letter.

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How to fix screen size (stretched) ?

Roll back driver/System restore/sfc /scannow in command promptThe driver may not be compatible with your game, therefore its contents may be corrupt, you can also do a disk check, schedule a disk c... Read More »

Screen is stretched horzintally after rebooting computer!?

It sounds like your aspect ratio is set wrong.Try setting your monitor/video card to 16:9 aspect ratio.This should cure it.

Why is my desktop picture stretched out even the photographs !!! tried setting it fit to screen too no joy!!!?

My dell desktop auto adjusted and now my screen is stretched. How can I get it back to normal?

ctrl and + for larger ctrl and - for smaller .