My screen is so big every thing is so big, how do i make it smaller?

Answer Right click on the desktop. Go to properties. Go to the 'Settings' tab and change your resolution to that of a higher range.

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Your iphone 3gs screen went to a magnified screen so every thing is magnified to the max what do you do to fix it?

Double tap the screen with three fingers and it will go back to normal, in future if you want to magnified your screen again just tap the screen with three fingers again and it will be magnified.

Every thing on my screen looks big i don't know why how can i fix this ?

Down in the right bottom corner of your screen there should be a magnifying glass and a percentage. Try clicking on the arrow and lowering the percentage. Hope this helps.

How to Make a PC Screen Smaller?

When looking at your computer screen, the resolution is the number of pixels displayed vertically and horizontally. A larger resolution has more pixels, creating a larger workspace with smaller obj... Read More »

How to make mac screen smaller?

hold the control key and scroll down :)EDIT: just press and hold control (located near the left of the space bar) then place two fingers on your trackpad and move them downward (scrolling down)that... Read More »