My screen flickers how to fix?

Answer move it away for whatever is interfering with it, or increase the refresh rate in the display options in the control panel. Also check your cables.

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What should you do if the screen flickers?

press the middle button and the play button at the same time or the menu button and the middle button at the same time

My laptop screen flickers white then just goes white?

Plug in the computer & use the AC power. There may be an issue with the battery.Additional →• Try starting the BIOS (tap F2 - [Setup] while booting) this will rule out a fault in the monitor â... Read More »

What do northern flickers eat?

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Monitor Flickers. Help?

My monitor flickers for about 20 seconds after it's turned on, it's an LCD too. I've asked here and other places what it means and as far as I can tell it means it's power supply is going out, so ... Read More »