My school says im overweight..what?

Answer @katie - Just no. You are wrong. Actually wrong again! I have a BMI of 15.9 and I'm in the 6th percentile for my age. Which is a healthy bmi ramge for me! Anyway you are perfectly fine ! Not sure w... Read More »

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Computer connects everywhere but at school, says little or no connectivity?

Contact your school's IT department. You may have an antivirus program that is not approved and therefore it will not allow you to connect to their system

How do I change the one line it says like where you work or go to school under my name on facebook?

you cant really control that, other than going to where you edit them, and selecting "only me" for who can see thembut they will still appear on external websites that are using facebook's opengrap... Read More »

How come on Wikipedia it says they are making a Ned's Declassfied High School Survival Guide?

Yes. If you check Wikipedia it even tells you what animals he is composed of.

I have a 1GB Ipod nano, or so it says in the box , but when I check in about it says that it has 892 MB?

Yes - like any harddrive it reserves a small proportion for its file system (e.g. FAT32).If you look at your PC harddrive - it may be (for example) 20GB, but useable space will be somewhere around ... Read More »