My school hacked into my Facebook account. Isn't this illegal?

Answer Well hmm...its difficult because no they didn't get your permission, but you did give a lot of people access to your facebook wall. That is why its best not to post certain things on your wall. If ... Read More »

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My Facebook account was hacked, can I get it back?

say you forgot your password, then type in your email address. then get a new password. if that doesn't work, then just make a new facebook with the old email and it should delete your old account.... Read More »

I want to unsubscribe my yahoo account from facebook because my yahoo account has been hacked?

First,You log into facebook account and Click Settings icon on the top right corner of your facebook account.Then select 'Account Settings'.Then select Apps tab from left side listed.If there,Yahoo... Read More »

How can you know if your FACEBOOK account was hacked?

i would suggest changing your password. but in the event of someone attempting to hack your facebook account, facebook is likely to notify you that your facebook has been accessed from an unfamilia... Read More »

My ex has hacked into my hotmail account?

Keystroke recording software will e-mail all your keystrokes to an e-mail address. So it doesnt matter if you dont share the computer anymore. Setting up a new account will only give him the new ... Read More »