My school blocks facebook and the proxy websites dont work help me out please!!!!!!!?

Answer You don't, Use school computers for school work. Facebook will have to wait until you get home from school. You will be in violation of school computer usage policy your putting yourself at risk of... Read More »

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How do i get on facebook when school blocks proxy sites and others?

I've switched to a personal vpn, instead of proxies. Works all the time and hasn't been blocked.

Can someone please help me find a good proxy site so I can access Facebook?…this is what I useand believe me the speed is great as if there is no filtering

My work blocks websites - how to change admin settings?

You are probably looking in the wrong place. It sounds like your company is running a program like "NetNanny" on the gateway machine. So unless you have administrator access to the gateway machine,... Read More »

Whats some proxy websites to get on facebook because im bored in class?

Use a Personal VPN they are cheap, safe and secure