My school blocks facebook!!!?

Answer Hi,Just go to the software & install it. Click connect..After this you can go to any blocked sites...But dont misuse it........

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How do i get on facebook when school blocks proxy sites and others?

I've switched to a personal vpn, instead of proxies. Works all the time and hasn't been blocked.

My school blocks facebook and the proxy websites dont work help me out please!!!!!!!?

You don't, Use school computers for school work. Facebook will have to wait until you get home from school. You will be in violation of school computer usage policy your putting yourself at risk of... Read More »

How do I get past the program that blocks facebook?

There are few options.1. You could download a free gate. It will get past any Firewall.2. You could use, which is a proxy and is not always so reliable.3. You could use a VPN or Sec... Read More »

How can I circumvent the governmental blocks on YouTube, Facebook & Blogger while I'm in China without a VPN?

Tor Browser my friend! That's the easiest way to get your butt updated and ready to go.