My salary is 28,000. Is it enough to survive / live properly in Bangalore?

Answer Dear Vansha,Congrats for your job @ Accenture. 1. You are from Delhi. So, you know how to survive in a metropolitan. 2. You have joined Accenture. It indicates you are going to be self reliant.3. Y... Read More »

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Residential Architects in Bangalore to design my 50 x 60 plot with renowned architects in bangalore?

This is Harsha here i am from BangaloreI have recently taken the services of SEKAN ArchitectsI appreciate their effort they put in for my house.They have put many of their House designs and elevati... Read More »

Is a salary of $850 good enough to cost a living in congo- west africa?

l am not sure what you are used to, so it is really hard to sayWith your accomodations being included, that will be a huge helpWhen my husband worked there, an Western sort of food wassuper expensi... Read More »

Can you survive in Brooklyn with a full time minimum wage salary?

About the least you will pay to rent a 1 bedroom apartment would be $950. So you can figure it out from there. Add in food, laundry and transportation. Rent may or may not include gas and electr... Read More »

Is an hourly wage of $30-$35 enough to live comfortably in Sydney or Melbourne?

That's about $1100 to $1300 a week before tax. Rent for a decent one bedroom flat should not be more than $300 a week. Sydney is more expensive than Melbourne for accommodation but there is not a ... Read More »