My salary is 28,000. Is it enough to survive / live properly in Bangalore?

Answer Dear Vansha,Congrats for your job @ Accenture. 1. You are from Delhi. So, you know how to survive in a metropolitan. 2. You have joined Accenture. It indicates you are going to be self reliant.3. Y... Read More »

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Residential Architects in Bangalore to design my 50 x 60 plot with renowned architects in bangalore?

This is Harsha here i am from BangaloreI have recently taken the services of SEKAN ArchitectsI appreciate their effort they put in for my house.They have put many of their House designs and elevati... Read More »

Can you survive in Brooklyn with a full time minimum wage salary?

About the least you will pay to rent a 1 bedroom apartment would be $950. So you can figure it out from there. Add in food, laundry and transportation. Rent may or may not include gas and electr... Read More »

How to Survive Your Period when You Live With All Guys?

Most people would probably tell you to "suck it up and tell them, life goes on." but it is hard to tell someone that you need some pads/tampons if you live with only guys. Here are a few tricks.

Can tomato plants live&survive in water without soil?

On One Hand: Tomatoes Grow Well in Water-Based SystemsTomatoes can grow in water-based systems if they receive the right mix of nutrients, according to University of Arizona agriculture experts. Hy... Read More »