My roomate oMGEEEEE gooshness?

Answer it sounds like he needs to be quarantined.he is too dangerous and dirty to live with others.obviously he wasn't taught manners and thinks it is acceptable to do time he brings a girlfrien... Read More »

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How do I tell if my new roomate has rabbies?

sounds like roommate is on drugs not rabies…

How to Live With a College Roomate?

Sometimes living with someone could be hard, but you just need to try and cope with it.

How much should you charge your roomate for renting the garage for one car?

My roomate is a nosey --- and when I leave the house he takes my locked door off the hinges & goes in, help?

I guess you talked about it that you don't appreciate that kind of behavior. One option is move out and get a different housemate. Let somebody else teach him proper behavior. Other option (may be ... Read More »

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