My right testicle really hurts.?

Answer Go to the hospital immediately, right now.

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Right toe cracks when I walk and it really hurts?

It could be due to dislocation or laxity of the capsule of one of the joints in your toe, which is causing it to crack.

Oww! Darn, my arm hurts... I got a broken bone in my right one. I am using my right hand to type right now.?

why don't you use your left hand to type if the right one is sore

Pain in right testicle?

testicular torsion probably. It's when the testicle twists around, cutting off blood flow (similar to a kink in a garden hose). You have to go to the doctor IMMEDIATELY. Your doctor can easily enou... Read More »

Lump on right testicle. Cancer?

Its not cancer Testicular cancer is very rare and the lumps is inside the testicules and do not disappear