My right knee hurts when i jump?

Answer Get some knee pain products which are made from silicone. It helps you to get relief from the pain. Will suggest some best knee products to you. Hope it helps. Please take a look.

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Knee hurts when i stand?

If you grew a lot recently, it could be osgood-schlatters or patellofemoral pain syndrome

Is my knee broken It hurts?

Generally if you break something you will really know about it, because it will really hurt.But you can do a range of other injuries to your knee including ones where the blood wells up.If pain per... Read More »

My knee hurts and keeps giving out!!?

The excessive exercise could've made it worse

My knee hurts when i run, should i get a brace?

i have the same issue its probably just hard on your joints go to the drug store and get a satndard knee brace and you should be good