My right ear is clogged HELP!?

Answer I'm not a doctor but that really sounds like an ear or sinus infection with inner swelling and inflammation which might account for that watery feeling. I had a sinus infection once which did a sim... Read More »

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Pain in right armpit, right side of my neck and right chestplz help?

My ears seemed clogged...Help me!?

If you damaged your Eardrum you will know. Believe me last year i busted both my Eardrums and what happened was it hurt extremely bad but i was Deaf for abut 2 months and then once it scarred and h... Read More »

My ear seems clogged tried cleaning it out help?

You have wax in your ears.You apply hydrogen peroxide ear drops in to your ear. Waite for half an hour. Using an ear bud take out the wax out.

Clogged toilet emergency please help?

If you have an industrial shop vac or power vacuum, the air pressure should dislodge the blockage. Try using reverse and forward air flow, in combination with a plunger.