My retainer really hurts to take out?

Answer Plastic retainer? I had the same problem the first day. I ended up texting my friend asking for directions on how to take it out LOLAnyways, after a few days, it should be easier to take out, an... Read More »

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What do i do if my retainer hurts?

drink wiskey, take some pain killers and have a nap :)

When something hurts really bad how many Advil will you take at once?

Way tooooooooooooo many.............Peace.Oooops, I thought we were still in P&S.....I take the recommended dosage...and if really bad will alternate Tylenol and Motrin....Peace.

My stomach hurts really really bad. Should I try to throw up?

If you've had a stomach ache for this long and it's not getting better, you need to see a doctor. It might be the stomach flu or something.

I neeed help, please it hurts really really bad!?